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The six yards of elegance and the embodiment of sophistication are what make the saree so unique in every aspect. This type of standout clothing piece can be showcased in both traditional as well as westernized ways. 

Every woman adores the saree, a staple of the womenswear line. Sarees' combination of flair and comfort enables you to enjoy every occasion. Also, beautiful crafts and designs enhance the beauty of your appearance. Dress accordingly to raise your style game by donning six yards of pure magnificence.

“Saree” is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “a strip or piece of cloth”. But for people who have been draping themselves in silk, linen, or cotton for centuries, the saree is more than just a simple garment. It symbolizes national pride, living proof of traditional cutting-edge design and craftsmanship.

The Finesse of the Look

The timeless elegance of a saree can help you make a fantastic impression, whether it's for a friend's birthday or a family event. 

Every saree has a story to tell about people and their traditions. For Bengal, Balchuri sarees showcase trim designs inspired by terracotta temples. There are different ways to drape a saree based on length, width, fabric, and region. However, today’s generation wants it to be more flexible to style it in various ways.  

Magnificent Six Yards by Paulsons

Paulsons' finest selection of sarees will add elegance to your closet. We provide printed, woven, Maheshwari, Jamdani, Chiffon, Georgette, and Chanderi sarees with attached blouses fabric for women who want to look their best. Also, a variety of patterns and colors give your appearance a special touch.

India has a great handicraft culture and is considered a powerhouse for printing, dyeing, hand embroidery, and silk weaving which represent at least one of the estimated 30 regional varieties. In Varanasi, Banarasi silk sarees are woven being bent over old-school wooden looms and are usually bright red with golden zari work, mostly for brides. 

Contrary to other traditional garments, the saree isn’t reserved for a certain nationality or set of beliefs. People visiting our country hunt for the best sarees to take away as a loving memory of their visit. Brands like Paulsons, known for providing top-notch quality, support the local weavers and craftsmen so that the traditional crafts don’t die down.

While buying a saree, one might get overwhelmed as they find themselves among a variety of silk, chiffons, linen, organza, satin, and cotton. But with Paulsons, we have individuals with in-depth knowledge about the fabric, prints, and weaves to guide people throughout the purchase process. Though it can be a lot to go through stores deciding on what type of saree to buy, and not just any garment to throw on quickly, it is all worth it in the end as the piece of fabric is so iconic and legendary in itself.

“Saris are so important, and certainly worthy of a celebration.” And Paulsons is here for you to join along this journey of celebration.