The day of celebrating love and romance across the world is here, February 14, Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. Though we don’t need a single day of the year to express our love or exchange gifts, however, this day remains special to many as it brings more essence to their lives. With the increasing significance of this day, it has become a focal point for pop culture in recent years. 


With the increasing popularity of Valentine’s Day and the days surrounding it, this question pops up. Why is it necessary to have one particular day to showcase your feelings to your partner? 

Another question, why is it always about romantic gestures and not love towards other important people in your life?

Being Indian, the things we prioritize the most are our emotions and our love for our family and the people around us. 

This Valentine, let's shake up things a little. Taking the opportunity, let's not limit ourselves and make sure to emote our feelings to everyone we love. Whether they are your parents, siblings, friends, partners, or any other important person in your life, let's not shy away from showing our true feelings. Let's celebrate this valentine's day with an Indian twist of emotions. Gifts are one of the best ways to make anyone feel special and here we are to solve your dilemma of deciding the valentine’s day gifts. Without any further ado, let’s dive in right away!

The Indian Twist

For years, flowers, chocolates, and perfumes have been the staple gift options for all on Valentine's Day. However, this Valentine we’ll be taking a detour to our Indian roots that start off with the fact that we value emotions over anything. We value human sentiments, not only of that our partner but all our loved ones i.e. Parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, etc. What other way to express it than going ethnic ways? Gift them an elegant saree, a pretty suit fabric set, or a chic ready-to-wear kurta, and witness their priceless reactions. At this point, Paulsons comes to your rescue, as we have a diverse range of the finest fabrics from Chanderi, Maheshwari, Banarasi, and rich crafts like hand block-print, ajrak, chikankari, kantha, and various embroideries combined together in form of enviable collections. You ask for it and we’ll have it for you. 

How about gifting a Light Pink Tissue Embroidery Saree With Tissue Blouse to your mom?

Light Pink Tissue Embroidery Saree With Tissue Blouse     Light Pink Tissue Embroidery Saree With Tissue Blouse

She’ll be on cloud nine after receiving such a different and thoughtful gift from you. You can explore a lot of such mesmerizing designer sarees from our collection by clicking here.

Not a tissue silk saree, but your girlfriend would love a ready-to-wear suit set with a contemporary silhouette. We got exactly that for you.

Hot Pink Ready-To-Wear Georgette Woven Straight Kurta Set With Pant And Organza Dupatta   Hot Pink Ready-To-Wear Georgette Woven Straight Kurta Set With Pant And Organza Dupatta

While gifting your mom and girlfriend, why leave out your sister? As annoying as she can be most of the time but we are sure that you won’t be able to live without her even for a single day. Moreover, this is the best chance to bribe her for all the secrets she must be holding. Get her a saree or an unstitched suit set with modern prints on it and you’ll be praised throughout the year. 

Black Satin Silk Silk Printed With Embellishments Saree With Muslin Silk Blouse   Black Satin Silk Silk Printed With Embellishments Saree With Muslin Silk Blouse

With that let's skip to some other gifting ideas for those Wonderwomen in your lives.

Gift for Mom

Starting with gifting ideas for moms, they are the most selfless humans and don’t ask for much. Anything gifted with utmost sincerity will make them happy. However, that won’t be a reason to slack away from going through the process of selecting a gift for her. 

One of the go-to options will be to gift them a beautiful Shawl, you’ll be the reason for her smile. So, what are you waiting for? Choose from the diverse collection offered by Paulsons.

Shawls at Paulsons

Shawls at Paulsons

Apart from this, jewelry can be another good gift for the central force of your family. There is so much to choose from, go all out and choose the best. We are pretty sure that, your mother would love and cherish it from the bottom of her heart and her enchanting smile will make you feel out of this world. 

Gift for Mom

Gift for Mom

Gifts for Girlfriend

Flowers and chocolates, everyone does that for their girlfriends. Let’s do something special and different. Gift her something she can keep and wear for a long time to come. Drop the thoughts and have a look at these.

Light Green Pure Cotton Woven Unstitched Suit Fabric With Kota Dupatta Yellow Chanderi Ready-To-Wear Embellished Striaght Kurta Set With Pant And Organza Dupatta

We are sure, she’ll love it and you too for that amazing choice of yours. To pair up with the above suggestion, pick up a handbag and it won’t go wrong. An amazing handbag can instantly elevate the entire outfit and her happiness quotient.

Gift for her   Gift for her  

Gift for Sister

While gifting the ladies in your life, do not forget the person who saved you from your parent’s scolding after getting home late i.e. your amazing sister. Get her a pair of earrings that she can pair with her special outfits (especially to go with her valentine's outfit, shhhhh). This will definitely get you the tag of the world’s best sibling.

gift for sister

gift for sister

If she ain’t a huge jewelry fan, get her favorite cosmetic products. Especially, the red lip tint, that dude looks good with every outfit, whether traditional or western.

Gift for sister    gift for sister 

Gift for Dad

Similar to mothers, fathers cherish the thought put behind any gift the most. Sincerity along with a fantastic gift choice can do wonders for you. Make your dad smile with the ultimate classic watches, which can never go wrong irrespective of the color and type of outfit. And for those tech-savvy dads, a smartwatch will be the best choice. It will not only show time but will also subtly take care of them with constant health monitoring such as heart rate count, step count, etc.

gift for father gift for father

Apart from watches, Kurtas will prove to be a fantastic gift. And you cannot go wrong with a cotton kurta in contemporary cut and shade. We won’t leave you hanging out there, so here are some suggestions for kurtas. Hope your dad loves it. 

gift for father Source: Etsy via Pinterest

Gift for Brother

Unlike parents, brothers, and sisters aren’t easy to please. However, anything personalized and customized will be the best way to go if you want to gift it to your brother. IGP or the Indian gifting portal is an awesome service that helps you with this.

gift for brother

Unlike mine, if your brother is a corporate employee, a necktie should be your choice. They are available in a whole lot of colors and patterns. If you are a first-timer here, opt for subtle tones and prints. 

gift for brother

Gift for Boyfriend

Tired of gifting t-shirts to your boyfriend? Struggling to find another gifting option? Not anymore. Grooming kits prove to be an interesting gift for your boyfriend as these are not the typical choice. Many brands offer premade grooming kits, however, some also offer the service to get it customized as per the customer’s skin type or personal preferences. Give it a try.

gift for boyfriend

Source: eBay via Pinterest

Journaling is a great habit to develop as for many it acts as a meditation and helps them deal with day-to-day stress. Gift a journal to the man in your life, this could be a great investment for their organized life. 

gift for boyfriend

Gifts for Female Friends

Thought about any presents for your girls? How about a friendship bracelet? Seems like I read your mind, so don’t procrastinate and order them this instant.

gift for female friends

Source: Pinterest

After the friendship bracelets, it’s time to get customized picture frames. Grab your camera, and get some pictures clicked in crazy poses, hehe. Go ahead to order the customized frames and make sure to display your fun pictures in those frames.

gift for female friends  Source: Pinterest

Gifts for Male Friends

After getting gifting suggestions for all your beloveds, let's not skip the guy friends who even became your unpaid bodyguards when required. For these warm living beings, what better than getting them their favorite sunglasses they have been eyeing on?

gift for male friend

They deserve an award for being the endearing friend. So, we’ll do exactly that and get them a plaque for being the precious human in our life.

gift for male friend

Source: Wander Prints via Pinterest


For years, it has been kind of a ritual to show your love and affection only to your partner, and that too on some specific days like Valentine's. This year, break the norm and express your love and gratitude to all your loved ones as they deserve your equal attention. 

Gifts are awesome but don’t forget to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Time and timeless pieces are the best gifts they could receive. 

Once again, Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gifts or no gifts, don’t forget to express your feelings and emotions to those who you care for.

See you next time, until then take care!

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